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Learn about the different types of shots in golf

‘Golf’ a game of precision and finesse, takes a lot of practice and experience to master each and every shot. A successful swing makes up for a perfect shot. Many techniques a minute observation of each and every move and a lot of practice, make an individual a master in golf. An expert in this game is also determined by the variety of shots they can deliver successfully. There are a few different types of shots that a golfer needs to master in order to become a champion in the game. learn about the different types of shots in golf.

Types Of Golf Shots

Drive Or Tea Shot

This shot is especially for beginners and handicappers as they might lack the experience and knowledge of the impact of a perfect shot in golf. This shot is also known as a high-fade shot. This is a long-distance shot usually taken from the tee box, but can also be taken from the fairway if necessary. The purpose of this shot is to test how far a golfer can make the golf ball reach. The drive is the longest shot as compared to any other shots in the arsenal. This shot has a high chance of lacking in accuracy and can deviate from the set directions. There are usually 3-6 tea boxes in a golf course. You need different clubs to hit depending on the par number from which you initiate the shot.


The purpose of this shot is to hit the ball from an adequately long distance with the intent of making the ball reach the greens. A perfect approach requires a perfect strategy for a precise shot. A standard full swing is required to initiate this shot and get consistent distance and accuracy from the terrain. You get only one chance at this shot so you have to choose the golf clubs wisely, which also depends upon your distance from the greens. Chances are that you will choose the irons for a perfect approach shot but you can also use fairway woods and hybrid clubs. The approach shot exceeds all of the shots that come after the drive and before the greens.

Lay Up

The purpose of a layup is to place the ball in a favorable position to make the current shot safer or the following shot easier to take. An example would be if there was a hazard such as water between the fairway and the green, a player might lay up on the fairway near the water hazard to avoid incurring a penalty by landing in the water and taking a second shot from there to land on the green. This shot allows you to place the ball in a better position for a second shot. A chip shot can be a lay-up or short approach shot. It is also used to get out of a sand trap. Clubs such as Wedges can be used for this shot because they create force with the ability to aim. These shots require a lot of focus and discipline to deliver precise aim and shot.

Blind Shot

As the word blind implies, in this shot the golfer is unable to view the direction of the ball after taking a shot and where it will land up. If there is an obstacle such as a tree and the golfer hits the ball, it is likely that the golfer might not be able to see where the ball will land. When the golfer is unable to see the target where they have to hit the ball and take a shot it is also referred to as a blind shot. This is where the imagination and the instincts of the golfer are tested whether he can successfully deliver a shot without being able to focus on the target.

Chip Shot

The chip shot is a very short-distance shot that is used to take the ball out of hazards. This shot is taken without a full swing, it requires a lot of skill and precision to successfully place the ball in the hole. In a chip shot the ball rolls more in the ground than it flies in the air, the ball hardly stays in the air during this shot. Accuracy and distance control will lead to a perfect chip shot. This shot is easier than many other shots, as this does not require a full swing and most golfers are able to make it through this shot successfully.

Pitch Shot

In a pitch shot the ball stays at a medium height in the air and it doesn’t require a full swing. This shot could be closer to the green and is defined by the fact it travels further in the air than it does once it hits the green. The pitch shot is the exact opposite of a chip shot, as in this shot the ball stays in the air for more duration than it rolls on the ground. Higher loft wedges are required to initiate a perfect pitch shot. Pitch shots are played at a slightly greater distance compared to a chip shot. They are often used when the ball needs to fly over an obstacle, such as a bunker or a water hazard, before landing softly on the green. Mastering a pitch shot can give amateur golfers the ability to navigate through challenging areas on the course with confidence.

Bunker Shot

The purpose of this shot is to hit the ball through the out of the sand so that it lands into the greens. This shot requires a lot of finesse and perfection. Golfers try to avoid the sand trap as much as possible, but when it comes to practicing the shots, it is important to succeed, even the best golfers miss the greens and need to hit a bunker shot. A successful bunker shot can be a game changer for the game and the golfer themselves. It is advised for beginners to try out different types of clubs to practice this shot more and more, which will develop confidence and boost their performance in the game.

Flop Shot

In this shot, the ball goes high up in the air but does not travel a long distance. The purpose of this shot is to get the ball over the hazards, Whether it is water or sand, playing a precise flop shot can save you from penalties and land the ball in the greens. The main aim here is to get the ball as high as possible in the air so that it lands perfectly on the greens. This shot basically saves the golfer from a troubled shot.


This is a very delicate stroke and requires a special club called the putter, to successfully put the ball in the hole. This is a very short distance short which requires the golfer to roll the ball gently into the hole. This shot is initiated from the spot nearest or on the green. This shot does not require a powerful swing rather, it requires a slight push on the ball in order to roll in slowly into the hole.

These are the most common types of shots in the game of golf, mastering them requires a comprehensive knowledge about what clubs to use for each of these shots. With a lot of practice and proper guidance from an expert coach, one can easily become proficient in the game and can successfully deliver these shots.