Ashley B.

I had my first lesson with Greg. Phenomenal teacher! He is very knowledgeable about the swing and also spotting your particular issue. He is kind and professional on how he gives you tips and advice. Greg is also very encouraging and supportive and will celebrate your successes! I have more lessons booked with Greg. Don’t hesitate, Greg is great!

Terry J.

I had been very erratic with my swing. Scoring in the mid to high 90s. After a few swings Mr Boyd said I needed to work or my transition and find the tempo I was missing. By the end of the lesson I was swing with much better feel and tempo and hitting the ball with power even though I was swinging what flew slower with more control.

Christopher C.

As I told Greg, arguably the best golf lesson I’ve ever had He was concise easy to understand and I was able to do what he taught! A 60 year old swing corrected!!

Ken N.

I had never formally learned how to swing or golf in general. With my job I needed to get a lot better after several bad displays in front of clients. My game is better than I could have hoped for. Greg has modeled my swing. I now have a consistent swing and hit. Golf is fun now. I couldn’t recommend Greg enough.

Daniel G.

Greg was great. 10 minutes into the lesson I was already starting to notice a huge difference in my swing and shot quality. Definitely recommend. You will see immediate results.

Billy M.

Coach Greg we amazing to work with . I got so much value just in my first lesson. Can’t wait for my next one .

Dez H.

I just finished with my golf lesson with Mr Boyd. He was a great instructor jumped right in and gave me great tips to fix my swing. Will be getting another lesson with Mr Boyd.

Tony L.

I really enjoyed my first lesson with Greg. I am a beginner golfer and he did a great job explaining the basic fundamentals of a golf swing. He gives great feedback and instruction. I highly recommend Greg and I look forward to my next lesson!

Terry S.

My goal was to learn to hit a golf ball correctly. My swing has improved dramatically in just a few weeks. I'm very pleased with Greg's coaching. Plus, he is very accommodating with the scheduling.

Mark W.

Great lessons with Greg . Recently started golf again after 6 years out due to back surgery. Greg has provided great instruction regards my swing mechanics and also valuable guidance on what to work on away from the course . Will certainly book Greg for more lessons in the near future .

Jordan L.

Greg really took the time to understand where my weak points were and guide me through different processes until we found a good solution. Being a brand-new beginner, I need help all around. He was patient with me and I was able to see improvements after the very first lesson.

Connor D.

Greg was extremely helpful with his lesson. Gave me several things to work on without over complicating it. Would highly recommend him for lessons and will be going back.

Erik M.

Great first lesson, planning for another one in a couple weeks! I noticed instantaneous improvement just by tweaking some fundamentals - Greg is a great teacher!

Christopher l.

I picked up my first set of golf clubs 5 years ago with no direction or guidance. After playing in many scrambles and doing what I thought worked, I created many bad habits and an overall bad technique. I've taken 3-4 lessons with Greg and each lesson has focused on a new aspect and techniques that I was able to immediately apply on the course. I highly recommend his lessons as he is very detailed and gives immediate results.

Patrick P.

Greg Boyd turned out to be a great golf instructor. I saw his ad posted in Humble, Tx at a Golf Range that I frequent and decided to call. Turns out I learned a whole lot in just my first lesson. I will tell my friends who also play golf about him.

Mariah W.

Greg has been teaching golf for 30 years. Great instructor and friendly to work with

Stephen Z.

Great lesson. Greg was very professional and very knowledgeable. A great resource for a golfer at any level.

Toby S.

Had an incredible lesson and instantly improved my game, looking forward to our next meeting!

John T.

Greg is patient and gives good tips and suggestions. Took him only a few minutes to point out something wrong with my swing. Made a big difference in how straight I hit the ball now

Qadeer S.

Had a nice session with Greg using an iron. Looking forward to practicing what I learned. The tips he provided me were very helpful and I could see Positive results during the session. LookIng forward to continuing the training

Julie K.

Greg's an excellent golf instructor. He immediately pinpointed my swing-flaw and just two or three strokes later I started to hit it better than I ever have! Amazing!

Chris L.

Details: Beginner • 26 - 44 years old • Improve iron play • Improve driving skills • Yes, I own golf clubs • As recommended by instructor • I travel to the golf instructor • The golf instructor travels to me

Brian S.

Experienced and very pleasant to work with.

Jeff O.

Working on the fundamentals first will pay off in the future.

Alexzander T.

Greg is a real pro and knows what he’s doing. Very knowledgeable and would absolutely recommend him!!

Mike g.

Excellent instructor. Keeps it simple so you can understand what you need to do to improve.

Thumbtack Customer

Excellent Golf instructor. My game has improved immensely